Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crazy for Chevron

Chevron has become my latest obsession and I decided I needed to create something with this popular design.  I had become tired of staining furniture and desperately wanted to try something a bit more exciting.  Fortunately, the previous owners left yet another piece of furniture, a precious little desk/vanity table.

After finishing my bedroom pieces, I decided to paint, yes paint, not stain, this adorable table. My plan was to use this in my entryway and I needed something bold, then a light clicked....why not paint a chevron striping on the table top?!  Ok...sounds easy enough...hee...hee...little did I know what a PIA this would be. I planned it out on graph paper, marking how many stripes and length of each zig and zag and it seemed simple enough.  Boy oh boy was I my darling man was called into action.  "Hun could you please help me put this design on this table?"  Of course he came to the rescue and after 3 1/2 hours he had it perfectly taped and ready to be painted.  I think he became somewhat addicted to the project as well and we couldn't be happier with the result. 


Renewing an old dresser

The previous owners left this small dresser and since I'm on a budget, I decided to refinish it to make it a beautiful addition to our master bedroom.  Boy oh boy does it need serious help....


I'm loving the espresso colored furniture, so I picked up some stain in a color called Kona.  I originally used it to refinish a nightstand...a matching piece to the dresser that was also left behind.  Once again, I never took a "before" picture but this is how the nightstand turned out.

I am very pleased with the dresser and the nightstand and they look great in my master bedroom.  Once the rest of the bedroom is finished (new trim, new carpeting and new doors), I'm certain these pieces will all make the room.