Monday, October 1, 2012

World's Ugliest Light Fixture EVER!

Our dining room was the home for the ugliest light fixture known to man.  I knew it needed to be replaced but it just wasn't high on my priority list.  Grrr....I really hated looking at this light and tried ever so hard to come up with some magical way to turn it into something pretty.  Ha ha....what a joke, that was impossible.  Seriously, there was no way this ugly thing could ever be transformed.

I know, I's freakin hideous.  But did you happen to notice that it's not hanging from my ceiling any longer.  Oh yeah...I replaced it!  During one of my many trips to Lowes, I happened to stumble upon a new fixture which I could not pass up.  So wasn't even shopping for lighting, but there it was in all it's glory.  Sometimes we find things when we least expect it.  Oh and best of was on clearance...SCORE!  Marked down from $100 to a mere $25...I kid you not!  Of course I bought it, I'm not an idiot.  Oh yes, and the best part of it all...I installed it myself...yes you heard me, myself...without the help of my Beloved, and it works!  Sometimes I simply amaze myself!  I have to admit, he was very concerned when he came home from work to see this new fixture hanging from our ceiling.  I believe his exact words were, "Who installed it?" and when I told him that I had done it he stated, "That scares me!"  After all, he is very old fashioned and forgets that women can do things other than cooking and cleaning.  I think I just might have proven to him that I'm a hands on kinda gal.  We are both very happy with our new pretty light and I think he loves it more than I do.

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