Friday, September 14, 2012

Change is Good!

"Help"....I'm so UGLY!
Most of you know that when we bought our house the previous owners had left a few unwanted items behind.  Lucky me since most of the pieces are furniture, and I love, love, love transforming furniture into something new!  So when I noticed an abandoned, neglected and truly ugly coffee table, I decided to try to turn it into something pretty. idea struck and I knew it's new life had to be a bench.  Now it was time for some brainstorming; indoor or outdoor, what to do with the glass insets, paint or stain, etc.  

Originally, I had figured I would use it somewhere inside, maybe at the foot of the bed and I knew I had to replace the glass with some pieces of plywood.  I also had every intention on painting it since it seemed to have some wood damage from years of neglect.  Then one day while I was checking out the new events on  The Foundry I noticed they were featuring outdoor cushions and I checked the sale out.  Those of you unfamiliar with this website, I urge you to take a look!  They run daily events of some great products at very reasonable prices.  I purchased stole a hammock earlier in the season and it is absolutely beautiful!  Anywho....I found a bench cushion and had to have it, it was perfect for my bench project.  Needless to say, the bench project transformed into a piece of outdoor furniture.  

As I mentioned earlier, I planned on painting it and brought the cushion with me for a color match. Once I got home and started sanding it, my plans changed yet again.  My very good friend Darla and my Beloved sat there watching me and together they thought that it looked great with some of the finish left in the grooves.  "Don't paint it!", they shouted, over the buzzing of the palm sander, as they shared their thoughts with me. now I'm standing there covered in dust thinking, "Crap! I already bought the freaking paint"....yet again, another change in the plans.  The next day I went back to the store to pick up some outdoor protective sealant and I swear those people that work there must think I'm nuts!  The end was near, it was sealed and a piece of plywood was screwed on to replace the glass and then topped with the fabulous cushion.  What a sight!  Finally, after all the plan changes, it was completed and I absolutely love it!

How SEXY...Come Sit!

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