Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY pause....Darla and Marissa dance party!   Stay tuned.....

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Use for an Old Tshirt

Rummaging through my closet I found an old tshirt that I had once loved.  Unfortunately, it had a few holes in the sleeve and could no longer serve its purpose.  I decided to hand on to it with the thought that it would make a great throw pillow.  However, I cannot least not yet.  After moving to our new home, I dug it out of my closet and asked my Mother if she thought we could turn it into a pillow.  She worked her magic and a fabulous pillow was born.

Family Heirlooms

I acquired my Nonny and Poppy's dining set several years ago.  It had been passed on to my cousin after my Poppy sold his home.  She used it for a few years then decided to replace it.  No one else in the family wanted it or had use for it.  I was a recent college grad and certainly had no room for it but I didn't have the heart to see it get tossed.  After all, it belonged to my most cherished grandparents and had fond memories of it as a child.  The set was very outdated but I knew it had great potential.  In it's previous life it was a walnut color with gold hardware, not very attractive at all.  It sat in storage for quite some time and eventually I gave the table and chairs to a woman in need.  Finally, an opportunity came where I had room for the console table, so off I went to the local harware store to buy some paint and supplies.  The finished product was stunning, everything I had imagined and more!  I anticipated the day where I would have a home large enough so that I could have the china cabinet as well.  When that day finally came I tackled that project and was overjoyed.  The two pieces are finally together and they look quite lovely.  Unfortunately, I do not have any before pictures of the dining set, too bad because the transformation is truly unbelievable.  Most importantly, my Poppy thinks I did a wonderful job restoring them and is so happy they are still in the family.


My First Major Upholstery Project

Chair 1 Before

Chair 2 Before

My Mother & I upholstering the chair

Chair 2 After

Chair 1 After

A Lovely Pair

The Begining

My beloved and I recently bought our first home.  After two years of searching, we found "the one".  Since the two of us have budget restrictions, we will be DIYing the majority of our renovation projects.  He is extremely handy and I imaginative so together we make a great team!  The previous owners left a few pieces of dated furniture which I intend to revitalize.  I have also picked up a set of barrel chairs for $2.99 each from the Salvation Army.  This was my first major upholstery project and with the help of my AMAZING Mother, the chairs are beautiful and everything I wanted and more.  Before and After pictures are on their way.....