Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tufting Fit For A King

I have been searching for a headboard for our bed.  While I originally thought that I would just buy one, I decided I really didn't want to spend the money.  As most of you know, headboards can be quite expensive and I figured that money could be spent on something much more practical.  During my frequent trips to thrift stores, I had hoped to find one I could revamp, but after countless visits I turned up empty handed.  I grew impatient so the search began for a DIY headboard.  There are all sorts of ideas out there, old doors, fencing, pallets, etc. but the one that I fell in love with was a tufted headboard.  My inspiration came from two blogs in particular, Your Modern Couple's Blood, Sweat, and Button Tufts  and Little Green Notebook's DIY Tufted Headboard.  These two ladies are extremely talented and their step by step instructions made this project possible.  I honestly could not have done it without them!  Below is a list of tools/materials I used to complete this project.

  • Staple Gun & Staples
  • Upholstery Needles
  • Tack Hammer
  • Upholstery Shears
  • Nut Driver or Screwdriver with removable tip
  • Saw Horses
  • Paring Knife
  • Staple Remover or Needle Nose Pliers
  • Permanent Marker
  • Screws
  • Pegboard
  • 3 inch Foam
  • Batting
  • Twine
  • Upholstery Button Kit (I used Size 24 or 5/8")
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Lumber for Framing
  • Fabric
I wanted to make this using as little money as possible and I'm proud to say that I achieved my goal, spending just under $100!  Luckily I had most of my tools from my first major upholstery project, you can view that here.  If you plan on tackling any upholstery projects, I highly recommend purchasing a Professional Upholstery Kit from Rochford Supply.  The real expense falls in the foam and fabric.  YOU MUST USE A JOANN COUPON WHEN PURCHASING THE FOAM.  This stuff is crazy expensive!  I called in the troops for this one and sent my Mother (a Joann VIP) to pick up some supplies.  Somehow she managed to get the batting, foam and a few other things for ~$40...unbelievable!  Let me tell you, she knows how to get a deal and saves me tons of money whenever I need her to pick up materials for one of my many projects....she's magical!  Next was the fabric....another potential cash drainer.  I searched page after page of fabric websites til my eyes burned, then it hit me...Helloooo...a canvas drop cloth! Score, I used a 6'x9' and the price....$10.98.  Tell me where can you get upholstery fabric by the yard for less than that?  Ummm...I can't!

Now let's talk buttons.  If you plan on buying your buttons from a fabric store, DON'T!  They come 5 to a package and are expensive, $3/package.  I figured that I needed 80 buttons with a few extra, that's a crap load of buttons.  If I were to get them from the store, it would have cost me about $50....I don't think so!  However, I found a package of 100 ($23.95) and assembly tool ($3) at Button Biz and they offer free shipping, you do the math.  That's an incredible savings!  

The only other expenses I had were the pegboard and twine, all other materials cost me nothing since I had them on hand.
  • Pegboard Sheet...................$14.98
  • Twine....................................$2.58
Warning...this is my first blog tutorial so please bear with me.

First step is to take measurements of the width of your bed and the height you want your headboard to be.  My bed is a king and I wanted it to be high enough so that the pillows didn't cover most of the headboard.  My dimensions ended up being 76"x28".  Before getting started, I mapped out my pattern on graph paper, figuring how many tufts I would need.  I decided to go with a super elegant diamond pattern.  

After your pegboard has been cut to size, label the front/top, back/top and center to avoid any confusion or mistakes.  I also marked the foam as well.  Now start marking the holes for your buttons.  Make sure you do this on both sides, it makes life much easier when it comes time for tufting.  

Next, lay your pegboard (top side up) on your foam (top side up) and start marking where each button will go.

Once you have all your buttons marked, it's time to remove the foam where the they are going to be placed.  This helps to make the tufts nice and deep.  Using your paring knife, cut a circle around each mark just a little bigger than your buttons.  Remove the foam you cut by twisting then pulling.  Repeat until you have made a hole for each button.  

Now it's time to frame the back side of the pegboard.  I called in my beloved to take on this part of the project.  He used 1"x1" lumber to frame out the pegboard and then added a few support pieces for strength.  Not only did he screw the pegboard to the frame, but he also applied wood glue to the frame beforehand.  After the frame was attached, he added some nails along the frame and support pieces.  He likes to make sure that everything he builds is super strong.  

Next, lay your foam (front side up) on the front side of your pegboard while on the sawhorses.  Once you have your holes lined up, you're ready to glue the foam to the pegboard using the spray adhesive.  I found it helpful to glue one half at a time. 

To ensure my holes stayed lined up, I used a few large nails to help keep the holes in line, removing them just before applying the spray adhesive.  Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 30 minutes or so.  

Place the framed pegboard with foam onto the sawhorses and lay the batting over the foam, followed by the fabric.  You want a few extra inches of batting and fabric to drape over the edges.  Remember to iron your fabric beforehand to remove any creases or wrinkles.  Now get your fingers ready, it's time to start tufting!  

Now I was a smarty and covered my buttons and added the twine to them days in advance.  Unfortunately, I got ahead of myself and never photographed these steps.  You may refer to the two blogs I mentioned earlier for instructions.

You are going to place your first button in the top center hole.  My method was using two very large upholstery needles, one strung with the button and the other was used to assist in finding the hole.  I placed this needle through the hole on the underside (remember you have these holes marked) up to the top.  I then used the needle strung with the button through the top using the other needle as a guide.  Remove the guide needle as you pull the buttoned needle through the hole on the underside.  

Alright, now it really would be much easier if you have a helper pushing the button while you staple the twine, but I tackled this alone.  I was up for a challenge and mighty anxious to get this project completed....I should have had my head examined.  If you do decide to do this alone, make sure you have Advil on hand cuz your fingers are going to be in some serious pain!  Anyway, while pushing the button with one hand, pull the twine with the other making sure it is taut and that your button is at your desired depth.  Now staple the twine to the frame DO NOT STAPLE TO PEGBOARD! Staple it a few more times in a zig-zag pattern, knotting the end of the twine and stapling one last time.  Use your tack hammer to ensure the staples are secure and so that your twine does not slip through your staples. 

Repeat this method, alternating from left to right of your center button until you have completed your first row.  

You may want to help your tufting a bit with the placement of each button, but I found that the fabric seems to do this naturally.  Continue until you have finished each row.

Try to contain your excitement, you're not done yet, you still need to secure your edges to the frame.  Turn the headboard over, face down, making sure you lay it on a clean surface (you wouldn't want all your hard work ruined).  Starting from the top center, pull your batting and fabric tight and staple to the frame working your way to the edge.  Repeat, stapling the bottom, then the sides, saving the corners for last.  Neatly fold your corners so that there is no bunching, then staple securely.  Trim any excess fabric careful not to cut any of the strings.

Time to hang your new headboard.  We hung our headboard using the Hangman Picture Hanging System.  Congratulations, you did it!  Now hang your beautiful headboard and enjoy!  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Change is Good!

"Help"....I'm so UGLY!
Most of you know that when we bought our house the previous owners had left a few unwanted items behind.  Lucky me since most of the pieces are furniture, and I love, love, love transforming furniture into something new!  So when I noticed an abandoned, neglected and truly ugly coffee table, I decided to try to turn it into something pretty. idea struck and I knew it's new life had to be a bench.  Now it was time for some brainstorming; indoor or outdoor, what to do with the glass insets, paint or stain, etc.  

Originally, I had figured I would use it somewhere inside, maybe at the foot of the bed and I knew I had to replace the glass with some pieces of plywood.  I also had every intention on painting it since it seemed to have some wood damage from years of neglect.  Then one day while I was checking out the new events on  The Foundry I noticed they were featuring outdoor cushions and I checked the sale out.  Those of you unfamiliar with this website, I urge you to take a look!  They run daily events of some great products at very reasonable prices.  I purchased stole a hammock earlier in the season and it is absolutely beautiful!  Anywho....I found a bench cushion and had to have it, it was perfect for my bench project.  Needless to say, the bench project transformed into a piece of outdoor furniture.  

As I mentioned earlier, I planned on painting it and brought the cushion with me for a color match. Once I got home and started sanding it, my plans changed yet again.  My very good friend Darla and my Beloved sat there watching me and together they thought that it looked great with some of the finish left in the grooves.  "Don't paint it!", they shouted, over the buzzing of the palm sander, as they shared their thoughts with me. now I'm standing there covered in dust thinking, "Crap! I already bought the freaking paint"....yet again, another change in the plans.  The next day I went back to the store to pick up some outdoor protective sealant and I swear those people that work there must think I'm nuts!  The end was near, it was sealed and a piece of plywood was screwed on to replace the glass and then topped with the fabulous cushion.  What a sight!  Finally, after all the plan changes, it was completed and I absolutely love it!

How SEXY...Come Sit!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I love wine

I love wine but what do you do with all of the corks?  Several years ago I started saving them after seeing a really cool wine cork I picked up a wreath base at a local craft store and started gluing away.  As the corks build up, I add them to the wreath.  I like placing the really unusual ones in the front. This is a fun project and so many of my friends have commented on my wreath.  Remember to explain that the corks have been saved over time....they might start to think you have a problem.  Another great idea is to use the corks as a base for a bulletin board....going to try this soon!

Starting Lineup

I would like to share my starting lineup of what's to come.  This summer I have made a few really great finds at the Salvation Army and other thrift stores.  These are projects I will be taking on very soon (no particular order) and I promise I will get my act together and be more consistent with my posts.

It's Been A While....

Time has completely gotten away from me and I know it's been quite some time since my last post.  I have been working on some things and haven't been slacking...promise.  My time has been taken up by not only by my job and everyday life but with some projects around our home.  I have painted the trim and doors in the hallway and my goodness what an improvement!  It gives an "up to date" and fresh look and inspires me to get this house painted....unfortunately, I'm awaiting the beloved to get the walls prepped so that I can get started.  In the meantime, I will share with you one of my most recent projects, the nightstand for my honey.  An estate sale score to say the least...I mean I freakin stole this piece of furniture....$5, how could one resist.  So how on earth could I resist, I know a great deal when I see one!

Charming, right?  They sure don't make things the way they used to...real wood!  So I decided to stain it to match the nightstand I had refinished a few months ago, but the drawers had such beautiful wood grained veneer I couldn't see not showing them off.  I lightly sanded them and then oiled them to bring out the grain of the wood and WOW did they pop!  Usually I spray paint existing hardware with a hammered nickel finish but I liked the aged look of the sweet little drawer pulls and decided to keep them "as is".  The finished product is amazing and beloved is very happy with the end result!  Hope you like it as much as we do!