Friday, March 23, 2012

Family Heirlooms

I acquired my Nonny and Poppy's dining set several years ago.  It had been passed on to my cousin after my Poppy sold his home.  She used it for a few years then decided to replace it.  No one else in the family wanted it or had use for it.  I was a recent college grad and certainly had no room for it but I didn't have the heart to see it get tossed.  After all, it belonged to my most cherished grandparents and had fond memories of it as a child.  The set was very outdated but I knew it had great potential.  In it's previous life it was a walnut color with gold hardware, not very attractive at all.  It sat in storage for quite some time and eventually I gave the table and chairs to a woman in need.  Finally, an opportunity came where I had room for the console table, so off I went to the local harware store to buy some paint and supplies.  The finished product was stunning, everything I had imagined and more!  I anticipated the day where I would have a home large enough so that I could have the china cabinet as well.  When that day finally came I tackled that project and was overjoyed.  The two pieces are finally together and they look quite lovely.  Unfortunately, I do not have any before pictures of the dining set, too bad because the transformation is truly unbelievable.  Most importantly, my Poppy thinks I did a wonderful job restoring them and is so happy they are still in the family.


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